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ACATS InterNet Bar Pages
the Brewery - On-line references on technique, recipies, and resources for home-brewing.

Gray Ghost Vineyards
Old Dominion Brewing Ct.
Samuel Adams
Saranac Home Page - F. X. Matt Brewing Co.
Shenandoah Brewing
Sweetwater Tavern
Vintage Cellar
Virginia Wines
the Washington, DC Metro Area Beer Guide


Interesting causes Chris may or may not support

Be the Match bone marrow registry

the Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech

INOVA Blood Donor Services


Corporate Sites

Mega-corp highjinx / some small businesses & products
American Science and Surplus
[Internet Services]
Pegasus Publishing - Fen stuff
Samuel Adams
Saranac Home Page - F. X. Matt Brewing Co.
Sony America - computer sales.

Gaming Resources

Various RPG, card, and electronic games

Ancient Domains of Mystery

Broken Toys - MMORPG Blog
Eating Bees - MMORPG Blog
Steve Jackson Games
TFOS Barb Fischer's Online TFOS Game.

Internet Services

Internet Providers and web resources devoted to web resources.

BEV Home Page - the Blacksburg Electronic Village project
Citizens' InterNET Service
Illuminati Online - I seldom post there but it makes it easy to keep up with my friendly acquaintences.
Search Engines
Wizard Workshop and Company - Online community run by a few friends of mine.